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August 2, 2009

Yeah, so what else can a girl do, than blog about His Holy Hotness himself. Thats my life for you. Kids? Boyfriend? What about them? They can watch me blog, it’ll be educationel for them. So, no pics in my very first blog, just a confession:

Hi, my name is Heid (For real!), and I am a Roboholic.
I am so obsessed that I categorize myself as ROBsessed.
I feel an urge to write about him. Everyday. I am addicted to blogs about Rob, and now it has gotten så bad that I’m trying one on my own. Not that I will EVER get anywhere NEAR my favorite blog R.A.o.R or the very known, very good LettersToRob. (Everybody should check them out, they are AWESOME!

Thats it for now, maybe I’ll surprise myself, and remember that I HAVE a blog this time around. You’ll just have to wait and see!



  1. Please note that I am VERY new to this, so my blog may very well SUCK big time.

  2. Heidi! Thanks for posting the link to your little treasure chest! You are the greatest! The photos are to die for, really beautiful, (but then, look at the subject), your blog is a little slice of heaven. Love Jo. xx

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