Rob VS Rob

August 12, 2009

Yes, it is time to compare. As i was looking thru my Robfolder(s), I realised something. Rob is hot. OK, what I really realised, is that I have way too many pics of Rob on my computer. Good thing my BF is not the jealous kind..

But I found many pics that are in one way very similar, but at the same time, VERY different. So I started comparing them. And I ended up with Rob VS Rob. Take a look, and tell me who’s YOUR favorit. I know wich ones are mine.. *sigh*

Lets start with:

AsscandySexpenders VS PhotoshootSexpenders

AsscandySexpenders VS PhotoshootSexpenders

And after an hour or two resting our eyes on THAT pic, lets move on to:

SexEyesRobWithBallcap VS RaybanRobWithBeanie

SexEyesRobWithBallcap VS RaybanRobWithBeanie

It’s getting tougher..

MoviesmileRob VS TheRealDealRob

MoviesmileRob VS TheRealDealRob

Speaking of RomeRob

RomeRobBitingHisLipAndInvitingUsInToHaveFun VS JapanRobPrayinThatWe'llBeGoodToHim(OrBad..Wichever ;) )

RomeRobBitingHisLipAndInvitingUsInToHaveFun VS JapanRobPrayinThatWe'llBeGoodToHim(OrBad..Wichever 😉 )

I’m starting to hyperventilate here..

RobAndKristen VS BellaAndEdward

RobAndKristen VS BellaAndEdward


DossierRoBOnTheFloorWaitingForSomeAction VS GQRobHot'nSexyHidingHisGoodiesToMakeUsSquirm

DossierRoBOnTheFloorWaitingForSomeAction VS GQRobHot'nSexyHidingHisGoodiesToMakeUsSquirm

So.. Who’s YOUR favorite?


  1. ROB WINS!!! <3333

  2. Hey Heidi! I’ve got quite a collection of Rob photos and vids! I may need a hard drive soon. The BF may not know…yet. But I’ll just tell him that I like to look at pretty pictures!

    There were a lot of hot photos of Rob at the TCA!
    That man has so many different looks. Can’t get enough of “The Stare” , then there’s “The Smile” (The I am Happy Smile or The things I could do to you cause I know you want my manmeat Smile), and the ….. you get the picture. (No pun intended!)

    I had to think about some of those choices you had. But the 1st picture was easy.

    1) AsscandySexpenders
    I like looking at his ass in this picture. His
    pose suggests that he’s ready to do something

    The 2nd picture — what kind of pose is that?
    Never did like the shirt!

    2) RayBanRobWithBeanie
    I guess I like it when he looks more of a
    badboy! Seriously gets my temperature up!

    The 2nd pic – I like that alot too. But my
    temperature doesn’t go as high! That smile is
    irresistible though..

    3) MovieSmileRob
    His smile just makes my heart melt in this photo.

    4) RomeRobBitingHisLipAndInvitingUstoHaveFun
    Tough choice!! I really like JapanRob also.
    But RomeRob looks ruggedly handsome and is
    oozing tons of sex appeal & is ready to ravage

    5) BellaAndEdward (?)
    So I couldn’t really decide. I really liked them
    in the movie. I mean, that’s what attracted me
    to Rob in the first place-his oldfashioned ways.
    Then there’s Bella’s sexual aggressiveness –
    she reminds me of me back in the days…(No,I
    don’t belong on Whore Island! Haha. Been with
    the same guy for SEVERAL years!)

    But KristenAndRob have real life chemistry. I
    I need confirmation that they really are a
    couple! (Do you know anything about that?)

    6) GQRobHot’nSexyHidingHisGoodiesToMakeUsSquirm
    For awhile I didn’t get the pose…but when you
    describe it as such…Well, I see “it” from a
    different point of view! What a tease!

    The second picture — he looks like he already
    had some! Don’t want no sloppy seconds!! LOL!

    Tata! That was alot of fun.

    • MmHmm.. I’m with you on the first one, theres something about the way he’s posing there.. But his hair looks better on the photoshootversion!

      As for the ballcap VS beanie.. I’m going with SexEyesRobWithBallcap. I kinda hate the ballcap, cuz it hides his sexhair, BUT The Look in that pic makes me wanna.. Yeah, exactly that!

      MoviesmileRob VS TheRealDealRob.. I LOVE the MoviesmileRob, BUT, as the other pic is from Rome (That I did on purpose, for my own pleasure), and the smile is sooo beautiful, thats my winner! RealDealRob.

      The next one.. No doubt. Even though he looks Oh so SEXY in the Japan photo, RomeRob is my fav, and that exact pic is my fav of ALL my pics of him. Damn, does he look .. inviting.. *thud*

      I can not chooose between Bella and Edward and Kristen and Rob. I know NOTHING about their offscreen relationship, other then that they are really good friends at least, but they do look hot together, no doubt. And Bella and Edward just gives me that feeling in my tummy. The good one. That pic says sooo much.

      You know what, I’ve always liked GQRob on the floor, but at first, I didn’t get the pose myself. And then it just came to me.. ofcourse he’s hiding his goodies! (or protecting them, if the photographer was a woman/gay) And that makes me wanna.. Again! A winner, no doubt! Your right about the first one, it DOES look like he’s already had some. Never thought about that. Hmm.. Pictures in my head. *snap out of it*

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