YouTube is our friend!

August 16, 2009

So today is all about Videos of and about Rob. There are so many great vids out there, so I just had to choose some of my favorites! And here they are..:

My own, made it yesterday, and I like it more and more, the more I watch it.All b&w. All beautiful pics.

And then there is this. Its beautiful, and made by FP over at Thinking of Rob. It gets you thinking, if you listen to the song..

And let us not forget jochiify‘s awesome vids of Rob, part 1 and 2:

She makes the best vids! You rule, girl!

There are so many hot vids out there, but if I were to post all of my favs, well, lets just say you would be occupied for some hours.. Enjoy the vids! And if you have a great vid you’d like me to see, PLEASE, show me!

One comment

  1. I cant stop laughing at the video!

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