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Uhm.. Happy new year??

January 20, 2010

Just realized I haven’t posted since Nov. 4th. I’m a bad blogger, I know. But school’s been killing me.

Anyhows, I’m back now! And with a BANG! I made me a new vid yesterday/today (didn’t go to bed till it was finished, way past midnight..), and if I may say so myself: It fucking ROCKS!! I’ve given up Windows Moviemaker (cuz it sucks add) and moved on to Adobe Premier Pro. Much more fun!! So, to all mah peeps: Enjoy the pretty!!

(And hopefully I’ll be a better blogger from now on 😉 )


Robvember is here!

November 4, 2009

I borrowed that from a genius called JaG! She renamed november for us. Robvember sounds so much better! And it is one fiiiine month!


First of, we had sightings of Rob again. Not posting the pic’s, cuz I’m not supporting the fucking papz. But, we were blessed with THE hottest photoshoot EVAH!! Vanity Fair, wich also giot renamed by the very same JaG to Robity Fair. And well, have a looksie yourself!


"Here, babe, let me help you get that sweater off"


Yea. I’m still in bed, while Rob’s just stepped out for a cig and a Corona.

"Rob, ditch the fucking shoe, get IN here!!"


"SORRY!! Didn't mean to get all carried away, and make your notesheets fly all over the place!"


"I'm takin my clothes of as fast as I can! Stop stressin!!"


"Aww.. U pickin' up some tips for later on? You never dissapoint."


Vanity Fair blows us away!

November 1, 2009

This is the best Rob day in forever! Today we saw 14 new, F*CKHAWT pics of our MAN Rob. Damn, he’s on a bed, sneaking away with his shirt half tucked in his pants, and a shoe in his hand. He has sexhair. He has fuckme eyes, he has scruff, he has the smoke, he has everyfuckingTHING we adore about him!! I. Am. Died. So, book your funeral, cuz this shit will kill you:














Sources: Breaking-Dawn and Thinking of Rob


The Vanity Fair Cover with Rob on it!

October 31, 2009

Damn, thispic is sooo hawt! We finally got Rob on a bed, WITH the “Fuck-me” eyes.

I. Am. Died.

Died. *thud*



New pics of Rob!

September 28, 2009

In the newest issue of AnOther Man, thats coming out  Oct 1, you can find our very own Robert pattinson on the cover, and inside the mag. The pics were taken by photographer Heidi Slimane. All I can say is: Holy mother of all thats sacred, these pics are PEFECT!!! *thud*

What can I say? Wow..

What can I say? Wow..

Black. leather. Jacket. *fans self*

Black. leather. Jacket. *fans self*

I. Am. Died. *doublethud*

I. Am. Died. *doublethud*


New new Moon trailer!!

September 11, 2009

Watch it before it gets pulled. It’s fucking awesome!!


Weeks and weeks

September 5, 2009

Keeping an updated blog going these days is not easy! School started, and I went to Italy for five days. So the day has not enough hours! But today, I had to make a vid. I just had to. Cuz when I saw the hot newly released outtakes from an old shoot with Rob, I nearly fell of my fucking chair!! So here’s the vid. It’s not much, but the pics are awesome. Enjoy!!

*vid removed*