Who am I?

I’m a sick and twisted mother-of-two, with a BF (the best one!) that just have to live with me loving me some Robert too. English is not my first language, so misspelling may occur. Bear with me.
I only made myself this blog so that I have somewhere to put my RobThoughts when my favorite-blogs are non-active (wich means when it’s morning her, everybody over THERE is asleep, and not in a chatty mood.) So if I get to bored, I’ll just chat with myself here. And hopefully someone will discover this blog someday, and comment, and I will have someone else to chat with too! About Rob ofcourse. What else is there to talk about?

Well, I’m out.




  1. okay so what time zone are you in?I am also active when they are not!! lol

    • Uhm.. (I’m really drunk right now, so there may be lot of bad writing here..) I’m in UTC +1 (CET. Period)

      • ok….one hour ahead of me

  2. Hi, Heidi. Thank you for your comment on my vid on you tube! But…stupid me, I accidently removed your comment when I tried to reply! I do love your sexy Roman Rob — it never gets boring watching him ooze that much sexiness. He’s being his bad boy self! That’s one side to him that I do like. And that’s probably why all the ladies (and guys) like him. The things he says and does (like with that tongue — oh he knows what he’s doing to us ladies!). It’s great you’ve created your own blog to use as an outlet for your robsession!I can totally relate! When I’ve figured it out…I’ll get that tongue gif to you!

    • Hi!! Thank you, I need that gif LOL
      And nice of you to visit my blog. And about removing my comment.. Well, I kinda commented enough on R.A.o.R, so thats OK *wink*

  3. I am such a meathead! How could I leave without thanking you for pimping my vids? Thanks heaps, and your beautiful photos are veeeeery inspiring! xx

    • Your vids are the best, so there’s a lot more pimping to come, babe! It’s my pleasure (really, a PLEASURE *wink* ).

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